About the Founder

The Trellis sprouted organically in 2016 when Lindsay Hayes Hurty, founder and owner, discovered herself at a personal crossroad. Having been a high school English teacher for eight years then halting her teaching career to be an at-home mom of three, Lindsay felt compelled to return to the professional space when her youngest entered preschool. From culling her various work, volunteer and personal experiences—as a teacher, as an interim youth minister, as a leader and facilitator of an adult spiritual education program, as a co-leader of a program called The Engaged Workshop with her husband, as a photographer and as a parent—Lindsay realized that her life had unintentionally led to the creation of The Trellis. Although Lindsay continues to feel strong connections to literature and her faith, The Trellis is neither an academic- nor faith-based organization. The Trellis, does, however, pull from both of those worlds to create a space for intellectual connection, soul deepening, spirit awakening and personal awareness. Lindsay realized that the common thread of her experiences is that she always values small-group work that focuses on deepening oneself in intentional (although sometimes accidental) ways while creating relationships of substance. So The Trellis is a place where both young people and grown ups keep growing and becoming. Lindsay graduated from Colby College with a BA in English and Harvard University with an Ed.M. in Administration, Planning and Social Policy.

Lindsay is also the Co-Founder of The Everwell, a community and work space geared toward women that will be opening in Darien, CT in Fall 2019. The Trellis workshops will be housed at The Everwell beginning in October!