Session 1: Explore Personal Goals 

  • What are your goals surrounding and within the college experience? 
  • How might your time off (summers, school breaks, days without class, weekends) allow you to experiment and explore opportunities?
  • How might you ground your dreams and reflections into a tangible reality? 
  • How might your plan support your whole self with respect to scholarly development, experiential education, career pursuits, and personal fulfillment?

For some, "going to college" is the clear goal--perhaps "going to a superior college" is the goal-- but "college" and the surrounding “time off” as a stage of life is broad and ought to be deconstructed. For some, the beyond high school stage is unclear, so goals pertaining to immediate purpose will be determined. Both cases require dreaming, probing, honest inquiry and time spent reflecting in creative and intentional ways.  

Session 2: Begin the College Essay

  • How will your college essay reflect your character and spirit?
  • How do you want to present the “on paper” version of you to the outside world?

Because all participants must be equipped with two essential documents (a college essay and résumé), the workshop offers strategies, inspiration and tools for writing them.

Session 3: Fill the Toolbox & Prepare to Launch

  • How will your résumé reflect your involvements and accomplishments? 
  • How can you prepare to present your best self to the outside world?

Participants will receive detailed feedback and guidance on further developing their college essays. ​Participants will determine where there may be room to build experience into their résumés and make decisions about how they might get creative with experiences to "fill in the gaps". Participants will be equipped with tools, strategies and tips for how to proceed with writing emails, letters, thank you notes; conducting oneself in interviews; and networking.

Throughout the 3-sessions, participants can expect an open, supportive and fun environment to flourish in organic ways and build meaningful connections as they inquire, reflect, grow and design their next chapters.

Workshop Designers and Facilitators

Brooke Fisch

Professional Résumé Writer, Career Advisor 

Brooke holds a B.A. in Economics from Trinity College and is a former Marketing Director in the financial services industry. 

Beyond High School Workshop

The Workshop Goal is for high school juniors to design a compass for their scholarly development, experiential education, career pursuits, and personal fulfillment.​ The 3-series workshop offers interactive and creative exercises, prompts and discussions to allow participants to intentionally explore how they want to plan and approach their lives beyond high school.

This workshop will tackle the college essay and résumé.

Lindsay Hayes Hurty, EdM

Founder of The Trellis Workshops 

Lindsay is a Harvard-educated former English teacher at New Canaan High School. 


"This stage in our lives is always so busy and hyper focused on things that sometimes seem insignificant or unimportant. It has been so nice to kind of put it all into perspective and 'force' myself to think about what the purpose is."

-Victoria V., 2018 workshop participant

"(Previously) nobody really bothered to talk to me about the stuff you guys did. It helped me find perspective, a broader outlook on life rather than focusing in the here and now only."  

-Clem C., 2018 workshop participant

"I loved the openness of this workshop. ... One should do this workshop if they need to think or plan about their future in a creative, supportive way--with honest, heartfelt leaders."

-Virginia M., 2018 workshop participant