The Workshop Goal is to offer 2019 college graduates guidance in sorting through their experiences, skills, interests, and personal calling; determine a direction for career pursuit; and ultimately prepare for the first steps in one's career path.​ This workshop offers résumé tune up, interview prep, network building, a communication tutorial, and an overall thought-provoking approach to preparing participants for launching into their first job search.

Workshop Designers and Facilitators

Lindsay Hayes Hurty, EdM

Founder of The Trellis Workshops 

Lindsay is a Harvard-educated former English teacher at New Canaan High School. 

PART 1: Personal exploration and reflection to determine direction

  • What do I know, for sure, about myself as I step into my career?
  • How can I contribute to the professional landscape? 
  • How will a particular career path offer meaning for me?
  • How might I ground my desires into a tangible reality?

Spend the morning with other 2019 grads involved in interactive exercises and discussions to take inventory of what you have done and dream about where you might go. Think about what value you can bring in the next phase of your life. Exercises will prompt you to put your thoughts on paper, highlight your strengths, and determine the direction that your career will take.

PART 2: Prepare to launch

  • How can I prepare myself to begin my job search?

You will design your personal career entry action plan. With support from facilitators and fellow participants, you will create and receive feedback on your plans and determine how you can move forward. Participants will be equipped with tools and strategies for how to proceed with résumé fine-tuning, networking, thank you notes, verbal and written communication, and interviewing. Participants can expect to complete this Super Saturday workshop feeling ready and prepared to launch into the job search.

Super Saturday Workshop

Brooke Fisch

Professional Résumé Writer, Career Advisor 

Brooke holds a B.A. in Economics from Trinity College and is a former Marketing Director in the financial services industry. 

Post-Graduate Pursuit