Feedback from Participants

Someone once said, "If you would lift me up, you must be on higher ground." We have all had the experience of listening to a teacher, a leader, a counselor who is telling us some truth, but it's not clear that they have actually lived it themselves. You're not sure they're on higher ground. Lindsay Hurty lives the change and growth she speaks of, and you know it. -Rev. David Anderson, former Rector at Saint Luke's Parish Darien, and retreat participant 

The Becoming a Working Mom workshop was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have discovered who I want to be as a mom and as a career woman moving forward. I have become inspired again to commit to making change for myself. -Kathleen B., workshop participant

Because I participated in the Becoming a Working Mom Workshop, I feel much more aware of my personal self—who I am, what matters to me, what I am passionate about, what I am good at. Deep reflection takes time and commitment, and the prompts were extremely helpful in my self-discovery. I have highly recommended the Trellis and will continue to do so. It was a profound, transformative experience—mostly thanks to our facilitator who brought such professionalism, love, and care to the meetings. -Jacqueline T., workshop participant

The Trellis provided me a safe and nurturing space to really focus on my career plans and dreams since becoming a mom. Lindsay helped me organize my thoughts and time and remove obstacles to ease the transition back to working. I'm thankful for this space that has been so forwarding! Lindsay is magic!
 -Millie B., workshop participant

I knew I wanted to get back to work but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do. The Trellis allowed me to explore all of my interests, and after a couple of sessions, I organically found a focus. I left with a firm plan catered to my own timeline. -Lindsay G., workshop participant

I grew during the time I spent in the Becoming a Working Mom workshop. Through the exercises, I really started to think through my ideas and realize where my heart stood in terms of what I want to do in the future. Because the participants were all in the same place in this process, we shared a mutual respect for each other based on that common ground. The experience sparked a lot of thoughts, conversations and inspiration in me—very meaningful! -Katie S., workshop participant

The content was very good—well done, thought provoking, reflective. It was good quality time spent on myself.  Lindsay is an amazing leader and everything was so well put together. I had an eye-opening experience at this workshop.  It gave me insight into areas where I should focus going forward in my next career. -Becoming a Working Mom workshop participant

Prior to attending the Beyond College Workshop, thinking about life after college felt daunting and, at times, even paralyzing. I could only see the path that my undergraduate degree was leading me towards, and while I am certainly passionate about my area of study, I knew deep down that I had other interests and passions that I also needed to pursue in order to feel fulfilled. Through activities, discussions, thinking prompts, and group reflections, the workshop created a space in which I could reflect on my talents, assets, desires, and goals in order to think deliberately about my upcoming life choices. The assignments were thought-provoking and rewarding, and I also received concrete advice for interviewing and writing my résumé. In a high-pressure time in life, the simultaneous sense of excitement and ease fostered by the workshop facilitators (Lindsay Hurty and Brooke Fisch) allowed me to release some of my self-limiting beliefs, reach out to professionals in my field, and, perhaps most significantly, design an actionable plan for the next few years of life that combine my strengths related to my college degree with other unwavering passions. I would absolutely recommend the Beyond College Workshop to any soon-to-be college graduate who is looking for direction in designing an intentional beyond-college life that feels both realistic and thrilling, and, most importantly, authentic to who they are. -Amanda H., Beyond College workshop participant

This stage in our lives is always so busy and hyper focused on things that sometimes seem insignificant or unimportant. It has been so nice to kind of put it all into perspective and "force" myself to think about what the purpose is. -Victoria V., Beyond High School workshop participant

Nobody really bothered to talk to me about the stuff you guys did. It helped me find perspective, a broader outlook on life rather than focusing in the here and now only.  -Clem C., Beyond High School workshop participant

I loved the openness of this workshop. I find it hard being myself at all times and it was here that I felt most like myself--making it clear who I want to be. It did not have the stress of a school environment. One should do this workshop if they need to think or plan about their future in a creative, supportive way--with honest, heartfelt leaders. -Virginia M., Beyond High School workshop participant

While there is a place for advice and support from College Career Services, professors, parents, and other mentors, I found that the Beyond College Workshop offered a unique form of support. In my experience, many of the other forms of support have been focused on the practical aspects of finding a job and building a career. While practicality is important in this time, I think that much of the “overwhelment” felt by soon-to-be college graduates stems from a lack of certainty in their path—I need to feel confident in the direction I am heading before I am ready to be open to other practical advice. The Trellis was different. It allowed room for dreaming and “thinking big,” which was a crucial part of my growth in this workshop. It then fused this “big dream” thinking with a more down-to-earth, practical approach. -Beyond College workshop participant

We thoroughly enjoyed the retreat that Lindsay facilitated...the content was fun, engaging and insightful. Not only was she a highly energetic and effective facilitator, she was incredibly organized, taking full ownership of planning the sessions and drafting the agenda for the day (working closely with our team to ensure everything went off seamlessly).  We would not hesitate to engage Lindsay again for future retreats. 

-Walter D., retreat participant

The content was thought-provoking in the best, most constructive way.  Lindsay does a fantastic job of sparking authentic conversations.  The experience was fun, rewarding, and useful.  I can’t wait to attend another of Lindsay’s workshops. -Lillian R., retreat participant

I absolutely savored the dedicated time to discuss, share and engage in exercises that provoked so much thought and emotion. -Kate M., Brown Bagged Lunch Parent Connection participant