Workshop Designer and Facilitator

The Workshop Goal is to offer home-based moms the tools and confidence to sort through their skills, interests and passions while considering the big picture of family, motherhood and personal calling to ultimately craft a plan for forwarding oneself personally and professionally.

What's Next? Workshop

Session 1: Looking Inward. The goal is to determine some thematic threads from past endeavors and to allow the imagination to soar with respect to dream jobs. 

Session 2: Designing. The goal is to base ourselves in reality by creating detailed potential career paths. 

Session 3: Determining Excuses and Barriers.
The goal is to recognize the factors that prevent us from professional fulfillment and then determine how to bridge the emotional and logistical gap from where we are now to where we want to be.  

Session 4: Stepping with Intention. The goal is to land securely on an individualized career re-entry plan and timeline. 

All sessions are comprised of creative exercises and discussions that get participants to think in new and forwarding ways. The workshop is comfortable, inclusive and supportive--women can expect to develop positive connections to each other in this small group community.

Lindsay Hayes Hurty, EdM

Founder of The Trellis Workshops 

Lindsay is a Harvard-educated former English teacher at New Canaan High School.