What's Next? (aka: Becoming a Working Mom)
You have dedicated yourself to being home full-time with your young child(ren) since becoming a mom.  And you’re flirting with the idea of broadening your scope. Does that mean working out of the home full-time, part-time, creatively-determined-time? Does that mean re-entering the work force in a re-imagined way from how you left it? Does that mean determining a direction and paving the first few steps by focusing on personal and intellectual fulfillment while continuing to be home full-time as a mom? This 4-session workshop, which is ideal for home-based moms, strives to help participants sort through their skills, interests and passions while considering the big picture of family, motherhood and personal calling to ultimately craft a plan for forwarding oneself personally and professionally. Learn more...

Beyond High School

It may be what everyone talks about; it may be all you worry about; it may be the last thing you think about but know that you should be thinking about it.  Regardless, preparing to send you to college has been on your parents' minds for as long you remember.  This 2-session workshop, which is ideal for high school juniors and seniors, strives to help participants sort through their skills, interests, passions and personal calling; reflect on how they envision their lives beyond home; consider the big picture of internships, finances, career and lifestyle; and ultimately craft a plan for life beyond high school. This workshop will tackle the COLLEGE ESSAY and RÉSUMÉ. Learn more...

Beyond College
You’ve only known life as a student and the world beyond school seems huge.  This 2-session workshop, which is ideal for rising juniors and seniors in college and recent grads, strives to help participants sort through their skills, interests, passions and personal calling; reflect on how they want to contribute to society; consider the big picture of career, family and life; and ultimately craft a career plan. Participants complete workshop with networking experience, interviewing tools and strategies and a polished RÉSUMÉ. Learn more...


Post-Graduate Pursuit
You've earned your college degree and the big world lay ahead. You have dreams, knowledge, and credentials. As you’re beginning the job search, you’re realizing that you don’t quite feel ready to put yourself out there. This one-session Super Saturday workshop, which is ideal for 2018 college graduates, strives to help participants sort through their experiences, skills, interests, and personal calling; determine a field for career pursuit; and ultimately prepare for the first step in one's career path. Learn more...

The Real World

You've gotten your feet wet as a young professional, and your experience has made you realize that adulthood and the working world is not quite what you expected.  This 3-session workshop, which is ideal for post-grad professionals in their early-mid 20's, strives to help participants sort through their experiences, skills, interests, and personal calling; reflect on how they want to grow within their field; consider the big picture of finances, lifestyle and society; and ultimately craft the next step in one's career plan.

The BIG (and awkward) Stuff
Your little people are now big; puberty has come, and you’ve got hormonal, emotional and complex young adults living under your roof.  Although you once thought that the baby years were the hardest parenting years, you’ve decided that the teenage years bring forth an entirely new set of challenges.  You know that it’s your job to guide your child toward awareness about the big stuff—-SEX, ADDICTION, and EMOTIONAL WELLNESS—-and the time is here to initiate those conversations, yet you need some support to make these big topics and hard conversations take shape in natural and meaningful ways. This 3-session workshops for the parents of adolescents, strives to help parents identify and embrace the big stuff while gaining tools on how to communicate with your specific child on these difficult (and often awkward) topics that need to be addressed.  

Current Workshop Offerings & Structure

Design-Your-Own Trellis
If your group, team or community would like to create your own workshop series or a 1-2 day retreat that meets your needs and collective place in life, Lindsay can work with you to design a vision, create a program of activities, exercises and purposeful discussions, and facilitate the program.* Groups and topics include, but are not limited to:

  • School parents looking to build community and share wisdom
  • Church vestry looking for spiritual nourishment to enhance leadership in a faith community
    Professionals looking for spiritual nourishment to enhance work community or team dynamic
  • First-time expectant moms looking to connect beyond the birth plan and embrace their morphing identities
  • Moms of newborns looking to connect in meaningful ways
  • Moms expecting another child looking to embrace their shifting family dynamic
  • Working moms looking to transition into full-time at-home momming
  • Moms whose kids have flown the nest who are looking to design and embark on what's next
  • Parents looking to establish a healthy role for technology in one's home and family
  • Couples in solid marriages looking to connect meaningfully and hone communication skills
  • Tweens looking to address the changing emotional landscape of adolescence
  • Teens looking to accept themselves as emotional and sexual beings
  • Parents looking to make the big talks (sex, addiction, emotional wellness) more natural
  • Expectant or new grandparents looking to shape and define their new role
  • Adult children looking to shape and define their new role with an aging parent
  • Adult friends or bookclub mates looking to deepen discussions, build community and share wisdom

*Location limited to lower Fairfield County. Pricing varies--inquire directly with Lindsay for quote.


Custom Workshops & Retreats

All Trellis workshops are led by facilitators who are skilled communicators with solid content knowledge and strong inter-personal skills. Facilitators’ backgrounds and degrees vary. Workshops are shaped around guiding questions, from which reflection, journaling, discussion and personal sharing ensue. All sessions close with an activity that stimulates further personal reflection outside of the workshop space. Participants largely determine the workshop’s direction, which allows each small-group workshop to take on its own identity and shape. Workshops take place in facilitators’ homes or in a reserved space in Darien. Workshop sessions are generally 90 minutes in length and run in 3- or 4-sessions.

Email Lindsay to inquire about 

Designing Your Own Trellis 

​Workshop or Retreat